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Dreaming of Spring

SO, remember that time that I went frolicking in a field of dahlias? Well, I do. It's all I've been holding on to in order to get me through this 6 month-long cold spell we better know as winter. When your bestie is a photographer <injoyimagery>, and suggest any sort of creative shoot, you just don't say no. So here are just a few of my favourites from our late summer, early morning, creative shoot in a field of blooming dahlias.If these don't have you dreaming of spring, I don't know what will!   Photos by: Jacqueline Hofing of Injoy Imagery  

Darling Dahlias

Chantal Emory

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 A Hand-picked Creative Shoot: Ok you guys. I have been meaning to get some new pictures taken for my website (and Instagram, of course), so, when my very best friend (not to mention talented photographer of Injoy Imagery),  Jacqueline, proposed meeting at a Field of wild Dahlias for a creative shoot, I could not pass up the opportunity. Let me just say that if I could start every day frolicking in a field of flowers, believe me, I would.   (The look; a flowy white blouse from Kennedy Park, Guelph, ON)    (The location; Andrews' Scenic Acres, Milton, ON)This field was IN-credible, Dahlias in every...