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(Photograph by Injoy Imagery)

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my shop! My name is Chantal and I am the creator behind The Painted Gardener.

It doesn't take very long to see that my primary inspiration for everything that I do, comes from nature.

I am an avid gardener and botanical enthusiast and have a true passion both for growing and painting flowers. If it's a nice day outside, chances are, you will find me playing in the garden. I love growing from seed and experimenting with different and unique varieties of flowers. Although, my favorites are peonies and tulips. In the studio, you can generally find me sketching flowers and landscapes and alternating between watercolor, acrylics and even natural botanical inks that I create from clippings and food scraps.

What you will find while browsing my online shop is a collection of hand-painted art pieces, colorfully designed prints, locally grown, sustainable flowers and garden goods, as well as a selection of carefully curated, hand picked home goods, sourced both locally, and from makers around the world.

I hope that while browsing my shop, you get a sense of my passion, not only for creating and gardening, but for every day living, and each of the little items that give me daily doses of joy along the way.

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Guelph, ON