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The Seed Box is a carefully curated collection of unique and low maintenance flower seeds, ready to be planted in your garden.

The seed box is intended for all levels of gardeners. Whether you're a new gardener who's looking for a little help getting started on selecting seeds, or are a moderate gardener just looking to add some interesting flower varieties to your already established garden, this box is intended for you. Maybe you just love having an abundance of ready to cut flowers throughout the summer. This box also makes the most thoughtful little gift for a sister or mother in-law, or even a friend that is getting into gardening and isn't quite sure exactly where to start.

The collection of seeds in The Seed Box is meant to take all the thinking out of seed selection and flower pairing. Let us hand pick a combination of unique and low maintance seed varieties for you. All that you have to do is chose your favorite combination of flowers out of our 5 collections.

Each Seed Box contains six individually packaged and labeled seed varieties including both annual and perennial blends. Five flower varieties, and one greenery blend or ornamental grass variety. All six packets come neatly wrapped in linen ribbon and will arrive in a little white box, which doubles as the perfect seed storage box. 

Flower details and planting information will be emailed out to you after purchase.

The Blush Box:
The most perfect shades of blush pinks and soft whites that can nestle their way into any style of garden.
(Corn Cockle, Cosmo, Snapdragon, Celosia, Ornamental Cloud Grass, Foxglove).

The Tea Party Box:
This box has an intentional English cottage, tea party vibe with soft blue and purple hues, merlots and pinks.
(Corn Cockle, Poppies, Chocolate Lace Flower, Cosmo, Cress, Delphinium).

The Classic Box
Classic whites and greens may seem subtle, but make a stunning impact and even appear to glow under the moonlight.
(Snapdragon, Zinnia, Delphinium, Bell's of Ireland, Nigella, Cress).

The Summer Box
The bright colors in this collection are sure to fulfill all your gardens color needs.  
(Flemish Antique Poppy, Cosmos, Broomcorn Millet, Foxglove, Iceland Poppy, Snapdragon).

The Dried Box
This box is intended for the patient gardener who's looking specifically for flowers that are meant for dried arrangements. When dried out properly, this selection of flowers and grasses hold their shape and will last forever.
(Broomcorn Millet, Celosia Mix, Amaranth, Strawflower-white and pink mix, Chocolate Lace Flower, Iceland Poppy.


*Free porch Pick-up (to be arranged post-ordering)

*Seeds can only be shipped within Canada due to shipping regulations.

*All seeds can be directly sowed into the ground once all danger of frost has passed. *For transplanting, start seeds in trays 2-4 weeks before last frost.

*The approximate last frost date for the Guelph/Wellington area is May 13th, but the date varies from region to region.


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