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DIY Ombré Tassel Ornaments

What you'll need:- Yarn- Paint (I used GOLDEN Artist Colours in Quinacridrone Magenta from Michaels)- Water dish- Drying dish- ScissorsStep 1: Making the tassels.This step is the longest part of the whole process. This, and drying time. I used a makeshift piece of cardboard and wrapped the yarn around it several times until I thought the tassel would be thick enough (as seen in the video). This helps to make all your tassels the same length. Cut, and tie a small piece to notch the head of the tassel in place, then trim the base so it's all nice and...

Creative Holiday Workshop

DETAILSWhat: A holiday-inspired creative workshop. We will be gathering to create custom tassel ornaments + hand painted ceramic ornaments, just in time for the holiday season! Visit Urban Fizz Designs on Facebook to get all the details or e-mail to reserve your spot! Spots are limited, so first come, first serve.Date: Saturday, December 3rdTime: 1:00PM-3:00PMCost: $45.00/personEverything you will need for this workshop will be supplied, including paints, paintbrushes, yarn, ceramic ornaments. And of course, what workshop would be complete without a few sweet treats and some beverages. Looking forward to getting creative with some new faces!

I Have This Thing With Floors

Chantal Emory

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My most recent home project involved a pretty time consuming floor stencilling project. However, to be honest, the most difficult part of the whole process was finding the stencil that matched the image that I had pictured in my head. After a couple weeks of shopping around for the perfect stencil, I decided that making one myself might be the way to go. So I figure why not share the project because it's a super easy DIY if you're thinking about painting your floors, and the results are stunning! What you'll need: 1. Plastic sheeting (I used a self laminating plastic sheet that I had on...