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DIY Ombré Tassel Ornaments

What you'll need:- Yarn- Paint (I used GOLDEN Artist Colours in Quinacridrone Magenta from Michaels)- Water dish- Drying dish- ScissorsStep 1: Making the tassels.This step is the longest part of the whole process. This, and drying time. I used a makeshift piece of cardboard and wrapped the yarn around it several times until I thought the tassel would be thick enough (as seen in the video). This helps to make all your tassels the same length. Cut, and tie a small piece to notch the head of the tassel in place, then trim the base so it's all nice and...

Creative Holiday Workshop

DETAILSWhat: A holiday-inspired creative workshop. We will be gathering to create custom tassel ornaments + hand painted ceramic ornaments, just in time for the holiday season! Visit Urban Fizz Designs on Facebook to get all the details or e-mail to reserve your spot! Spots are limited, so first come, first serve.Date: Saturday, December 3rdTime: 1:00PM-3:00PMCost: $45.00/personEverything you will need for this workshop will be supplied, including paints, paintbrushes, yarn, ceramic ornaments. And of course, what workshop would be complete without a few sweet treats and some beverages. Looking forward to getting creative with some new faces!

Valentine's Day Instagram Giveaway

Celebrate Love: Valentine's Day isn't solely reserved for couples anymore. The so-called "holiday" is about LOVE, and all kinds of love. Family love, bestie love, sister love, soul-mate love. So tag someone that you just simply love on the @urbanfizzinc Instagram giveaway post and you can both win a Hot Lips print in both hot pink and classic red.Happy Love Day lovelies. xo


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All weekend long (starting NOW), use the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY' for 20% off all online orders! Happy shopping lovelies!! Shop prints HERE

It's almost here, and I'm not even mad.

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 'Tis the Season: I have always loved Christmas, but there is just something special about having your own home to decorate, and cutting down your very own Christmas tree. That feeling you get when you walk in your front door and your tree is lit with an overwhelming smell of spruce filling your home. It is my most favourite thing about the Holidays. When it comes to Holiday decor, I'm a big fan of versatility. Something that can take you into New Years Eve, or even last all year round. This was the reasoning behind my Christmas Deerhead Stencil. There's something very appealing...