Made in LA - Top 12 Must-Sees

If you're planning on going to LA anytime soon, I'm sharing some of my favourite destinations from my latest trip to West Hollywood. There is no specific order, just a handful of favourites and must-sees.

(1) Melrose Avenue:
Stroll along Melrose Ave and you'll find loads of shopping with cute little boutiques lining the streets and enough photo-ops to drive your partner or friends crazy. That pink wall that's all over Instagram? That's on Melrose at the Paul Smith building. Melrose is a nice place to feel like you've done an adequate amount of shopping in LA, but without the Rodeo Drive prices.

(2) The Farmer's Market at The Grove:
Wether it's to stock up on fresh and colourful fruits & veggies, to grab lunch or a beverage, or just waste away your day shopping at The Grove, this place is a must visit. I recommend Phil's Deli & Grill for lunch. The Philly Steak Sandwich and the Smoked Meat are on point.

(3) Canter's Deli on Fairfax:

A tradition in West Hollywood since 1931. Serving up some of LA's finest deli cuisine along with a side of nostalgia.

(4) Bark n' Bitches
While you're on Fairfax, be sure to swing into this place for your daily dose of puppy cuteness. Bark n' Bitches is a humane pet shop with a passion for rescuing dogs and finding them their forever home. This place is hands on and chaotic and just the best place on earth. You can pop by anytime and interact with all the pups, even walk them. Warning: You WILL fall in love. So beware.

(Photo by @barknbitches)

(5) Malibu Pier, Malibu Farm, Ranch at the Pier
This place is a true dream. Walk along the pier and stop for lunch at one of the restaurants scattered alongside the pier. Located towards the end, just off the water is Malibu Farm - where you can get locally grown, fresh fruits and veggies and sip on some coffee. Just beside that, is Ranch at the Pier - a darling little shop where you can pick up the sweetest trinkets and gifts. 

Malibu Farm Pier Café

Ranch at the Pier

(6) Malibu Seafood:
A fresh fish market and cafe all in one. You can pick up fresh fish to cook up at home or stop for lunch. Either way, you won't be disappointed (Try the Mahi sandwich).

(7) Malibu Wines:
This place is a true hidden gem. A unconventional wine-bar/winery in the middle of the Malibu hills with incredible vibes. I can't even describe how cool this place is. You can pack a lunch and enjoy a bottle of wine (or 3), laying on a blanket, listening to live music, all the while surrounded by sprawling vineyards. It's truly incredible. Do yourself a favour, go here. They have a shuttle to and from the vineyard from a parking location close by, and they offer safaris around the vineyard where you can sip on a glass of wine and even spot zebras. This place fills up quickly, so get there early.

(8) Santa Monica Pier:
This place is the perfect way to cap off your trip to Mailbu. The bustling pier doubles as a mini amusement park (Pacific Park). If you can time it right, go for a ride on the ferris wheel at sunset, you won't regret the view.

(9) Fresh Fruit Carts:
These carts can been randomly seen scattered around West Hollywood and is a must try. Fresh, local fruit diced up right in front of you and served to-go. Topped with a little salt and lime juice. It's to die for.

(10) Venice Beach Boardwalk:
One of the best places to stroll around and people watch. The beach is huge and the boardwalk is lined with shops, bars and entertainment. It's a bit touristy and there are definitely some less clean parts to the area, but I still think it's worth the trip.

(11) Abbot Kinney Boulevard
After your beach day at Venice Beach, walk up and down Abbot Kinney Boulevard and browse the shops and grab some lunch (Abbot's Pizza Company has the most delicious pizza). The shops are a little bit pricey because the area is very up-and-coming, but it's fun to window shop nonetheless.

Little succulents line the streets of Abbot Kinney Blvd.

(12) The Hollywood Sign:
Can you imagine making a trip to LA and NOT seeing the Hollywood sign? Probably not. The problem is where to get the best view. The tours don't do it justice and a lot of the property up in the Hollywood Hills is private property. I read somewhere that the best view is from the Shopping centre near the Chinese Theatre. Don't waste your time. I suggest renting a car and just driving around in the hills, chasing the sign and catching glimpses here and there. It's actually a lot of fun and we managed to stumble across this little patch of greenery with a pretty great view of the sign and lake Hollywood and with little to no people (Lake Hollywood Park). It's the perfect place to lay a blanket and stop for a little picnic lunch.

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