DIY Ombré Tassel Ornaments

Chantal Emory

What you'll need:
- Yarn
- Paint (I used GOLDEN Artist Colours in Quinacridrone Magenta from Michaels)
- Water dish
- Drying dish
- Scissors

Step 1: Making the tassels.
This step is the longest part of the whole process. This, and drying time. I used a makeshift piece of cardboard and wrapped the yarn around it several times until I thought the tassel would be thick enough (as seen in the video). This helps to make all your tassels the same length. Cut, and tie a small piece to notch the head of the tassel in place, then trim the base so it's all nice and even. Pretty simple stuff.

Step 2. Choosing your colour.
(Pictured GOLDEN Artist Colours in Quinacridrone Magenta from Michaels).
Just a couple drops will do the trick. The more drops, the deeper the colour on the tassel. You get the gist.

Step 3: Dip, dip, HOORAY!

Step 4: Dry time.
A piece of paper towel helps to absorb the water. You might need to replace this a couple times throughout your drying time so that the colour doesn't bleed all the way up your tassel.

Step 5: Attach a piece of string for hanging then pop them on your Christmas tree!

This is a super simple and fun project to do on your own or  with your kids, but if you want to skip the mess, you can just pick some up through the online shop HERE! Available in both pink and blue!


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