I Have This Thing With Floors

Chantal Emory

My most recent home project involved a pretty time consuming floor stencilling project. However, to be honest, the most difficult part of the whole process was finding the stencil that matched the image that I had pictured in my head. After a couple weeks of shopping around for the perfect stencil, I decided that making one myself might be the way to go. So I figure why not share the project because it's a super easy DIY if you're thinking about painting your floors, and the results are stunning!

What you'll need:

1. Plastic sheeting 
(I used a self laminating plastic sheet that I had on hand from a previous project) <<Scotch Self Laminating Pouches>>
The plastic sheeting is going to be your stencil. You can sketch out your design on paper and then trace it on to the plastic sheet with a Sharpie.
2. Sharpie
Colour in all the areas that will be cut out.
3. Exacto knife
Carefully cut out all the coloured in areas.
4. Painters Tape
Tape the stencil in place so that it doesn't slide around during painting.
5. Paint
Pretty self-explanatory.
6. Mini roller/tray
I played around with sponges and paintbrushes and found that the paint went on the smoothest with a mini foam roller. Also for larger areas, a roller is more efficient. 

Tips & Tricks

-Every couple of lines, you will need to clean off your stencil. Paint will build up around the edges and will cause paint to bleed underneath. Once you see significant bleeding, it's time to clean it off and start fresh.

-Embrace the flaws. I painted our concrete laundry room floor and for the first couple of stencils, I was touching up every little imperfection. Embracing the little paint splatters, bleeding and faded lines not only makes the job more enjoyable, but it actually creates a more rustic and natural look.

-Less is more. Don't soak your roller in paint, Not only will you have to clean off your stencil more often, but the more paint you use, the more it will bleed under the stencil.

-Small paintbrushes work wonders for corners and tight spots where the roller won't fit.

-I used a hole puncher for the part of the stencil that requires little circles to be cut out.  

Rug; Ikea, Wicker Basket; Homesense

I chose to paint my squares 8"x8" but you could definitely print the stencil to your desired size!! #urbanfizzdesigns if you try it out, I would LOVE to see your results!! Happy stencilling!!!

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